Kazumi Released.

Kazumi :: 2ndWave

Kazumi Eye Shadows

Kazumi LipColors

Kazumi Dark Lips

Note: Modifiable Shape is only available on bundles.Costing of each bundles have already been corrected as well.
January 2014 Gift:
Kazumi Native Gift Jan2014

Note about the Gift: The gift is accessible to all [: Mirror’s Enigma :] members only and this gift will then invite you to the new * Morphine group which will be our new VIP Group. Please browse previous notice of the current group to see more information about it.


Mirror’s Enigma : Juliana Skin

Part of the 3rd Wave Skin Series :: Juliana.

Juliana :: 3rdWave

Juliana Eye Shadows

Juliana Lip Colors

Also, I have moved the LightWave (3rd Wave) Skins to its new location somewhere at the near back of the shop. Moved its SLink Applier as well so you can distinguish which applier goes to the Lightwave and which one goes to the Farfalla Series.