Morphine :: With Love Fair

With Love Fair

Teleport to With Love Fair

Heather's Ensemble

Also, you can find Heather and Kazumi at the event at a discounted rate for those who celebrate the Heart’s Day in a more romantic and sensitive way.

Want to gift to your friends, girl friends, SL Sissys, SL Mother/s or (insert relationship here)?
Right click the vendor > Touch > Gift.
Enter the name of the receiver.
Press Send.

Happy Heart’s Day everyone!


Morphine @Hipster Fair 2014

Celeste : 2nd Wave Skin

Celeste :: 2ndWave

Celeste Lip Colors Pack

++ Random Outfits for Audrey for mix and matching mismatching. I said “mismatch” because the main idea of Hipster is all about MISMATCHED collection worn together. I am not really into hipster thingy but I find the freedom to wear whatever you wanted on casual days is cool “w/ a yellow or any neon tights!“… but I didn’t make tights for these event ;p


… and make yourself broke once in awhile. There a lot of great designers out there with pretty neat items to choose from =^.^=