Getting your Skin’s RGB Values

Mirror’s Enigma doesn’t follow a very specific skin color bases and up until 2nd Wave of Skins they still don’t have a fixed color. The shading parts has its own RGB, for those using Mesh/Sculpted Boobies: the chest color part varies, for those using the prim and mesh feet: the leg part also varies. So, I will be making you a short tutorial on how to get the RGBs of each skin in general.

  1. Activate Advanced Menu by pressing CTRL + Alt + D.
  2. Turn-off any personal or land specific windlight settings before proceeding. All Windlight Settings that casts shadow and environment tinting can affect the color of your RGB.
  3. Go to your Advanced Menu > UI > Show Color Under Cursor.
  4. Disable your AO (Animation’s Overrider) or find a pose stand to use.
  5. Point your cursor on the body part you needed to get the RGB with.
  6. Jot down or remember the RGB values of that specific body part and copy them on HUD where you need them.

Note: Mirror’s Enigma skin maybe hard to get the RGB, you might point on an highlight of the skin or the nerve or a dark spot. Have at least a meter or 2 away cam from your avi so you can see a more solid color else have your cam to the nearest possible.

Skin noted RGB for SLink Barefeet (when using SLink Skin Base, please use the Light Socks options):

Socordia V2 Tan: 166,104,077

Ira Tan: 159, 93, 63 (exact fit value) or 169, 097, 065 (lighter option)

That’s it, have fun. =^.^=