What is Mirror’s Enigma?

Mirror’s Enigma or ME as I call it — is a HOBBY. A 2 years old Bodyshop and Apparel Store inSecondLife which I started January 2012. Although, the original store name was TCR Monde / MONDE ESSENCIAL (created last July 2011 which only has uhm.. 5 skins?

I renamed/rebranded it to personally detach my hobby from our TCR CCS Weaponry and because the store name doesn’t make any sense in a long run.

Well, I continued to turn my shop upside down, so if you caught my store a little empty.. don’t worry that’s just natural. If you see it jam packed, you are lucky. I tend to take off items without any notice too XD Eventually, if nobody seek for that item any longer, I consider it a graduate.

I sell skins and shapes and I wear them too, I sure do not want to look like everyone else on the grid so…. usually, after I got quota on an item, I took it off. Now don’t hate me for it.

Most of my exclusives are pretty much exclusives, sometimes I revised them, sometimes I put them away,

In-World Locations:

Mirror’s Enigma Sale Events:

Regular participating merchant at SYS-Project for Skin Items while OSR for my clothings.


I can’t say my skin are the best there is, but……. I work on them when I feel like doing them. With that said, I cannot guarantee you will like it… hehe! They’re all personal preferences — everything on my skin are personal preferences.

Photo editing? Let alone the bloggers do that <3 I prefer it that way, besides that’s what they do best and I love it =^.^=

I have cut majorly these freakin’ words on my about page to not get me some haters. Better try the demos… links are on my sidebar.

Serious FAQs:

During the past I have posted some comedy FAQs from friends and alike I encountered… moving on… honestly, I don’t have much a serious FAQ to share, but here are some frequent IMs I got…

Hi, I didn’t receive the item. During Pacific Time (+8GMT) I am online or just inRL, if you are already waiting for me for more than 4 hours without an e-mail reply, you may go to the MainShop and look for a redelivery terminal. You will see a lists of items you can redeliver to yourself.

Can you make me a custom skin? If my time is good, sure! BUT… I do not make an exclusive skin for 1 person only. My exclusive/requested skins are mostly placed on SL Events.

Can you make an applier/s for this skin? I will try but I cannot promise.

Can you make Petite Avatars? As much as I wanted to make one, I’m sorry but I can’t… and I don’t want to talk about it. Thanks for understanding ;))

Can you help me with RGB? Sure, please let me know what skin it is.

I would like to apply as a model… Uhm, I would love to have models but I don’t think my shop is ready for models. As much as I hate photoshooting it by myself alone dealing with another person right now with time differences is hard.

I would like to apply as a blogger… Please contact me in IMs only (no NCs please) the link to your blog and little something about yourself. If you’re going to send me an NC and it doesn’t contain my name nor my shop in it, I will disregard it. ;) I hate random NCs not exactly meant for me.

I would like to invite you on certain event. Send me an NC personally, you will definitely hear back from ME when I am interested to join or not.

I have a commercial space and would love you to rent on us because…*insert complimentary words here* When someone sends me an invite like this with all compliments and stuffs like that, I first look up on my customer’s database before reading the whole NC. Why? Because I want to know if you really know what you are doing. Inviting me without even trying to know my product and offer me a space with all your marketing strategies won’t work on me. If you don’t know anything about my items, I would suggest not to contact me. That’s pretty straight-forward huh?

I would like to join your group. Where is the inviter? How do I join? The inviter is all over the shop, on the events and several other locations around the grid. Once you purchase something, you will be invited automatically after every successful purchase of 250L$ and up.

I miss the group invite because I have to free up a group -or- because I don’t receive them. IM me personally within 24 to 48 hours for manual invitation. However, I will only manual invite you once. When you decided to leave the group and wanted to join again… you need to purchase again (and again) until my inviter kicks in. Thank you for understanding.

Hi, I found a cosmetics on a skin that looks similarly like yours. I have nothing to do about it, I guess? I made my cosmetics myself from photosourced and some templates but mostly my cosmetics are my own hand-work. If you find something that looks similarly like ME, I would suggest you contact the other designer because I am 100% sure I don’t copy someone else’s design :D

Are you selling templates by chance through an alt? I have an alt but I’m pretty sure I don’t sell templates and will never do it.

Do you make your skins? Yep! Are you expecting me to answer no to that? >.<


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