Skin Addiction’s Black Friday Weekend Sale 2013


My very own Freya is now instore for the SA Black Friday Weekend Sale 2013. All Skin Addiction group members can enjoy 50% off discounted purchase/s on Freya and/or Heather plus a customer’s group invite which will entitle them to purchase some additional skin amongst my 3rd Wave Skin Series for 50%OFF as well.

Freya Lips Pack
Freya Cut Lips Pack
Freya Cats Eyeshadows
* For those who knew me from past to present… I will always be a neko girl and nothing has changed. How I miss wearing my kitty ears and tails. =^.^=

Ah! tell you what, since, I joined SA I have never really showed enough courage to promote my skins or sales or special events on that group nor on the webblog of SA because I… don’t have any excuse! AHAHA! People there are so entertaining, helpful and open to conversations, even if I don’t usually socialize I hangout watching the group whenever something pops up… I don’t just learn new things every day but I really found them very helpful. ;p If you haven’t joined SA group, I encourage you to join it. I am usually quiet there though, I’m just watching the window flood ;p The best I could say was “LoLz!” ;)

FOR [:Mirror’s Enigma:] Members Only:
How can I ever forget my lovely members?!?! Right, right, I hear you! This Black Friday Weekend, starting Nov. 29 – Dec. 1st, 2013 ONLY (for now) you can purchase all 3rd Wave Skin Series for 50%OFF as an exclusive group only privilege.

Apart from SA group which gets 50% off on Freya’s release, I know you might be sad/rage/whatever that my OWN member’s won’t get that discount on my new release, we will still have a whole month of December full of surprises, raining “exclusive” gifts for my own group and other groups that I have loved. Yeah yeah I know, I seldom do MainStore sales and discounts… I do join several salesroom though so… hehe!

You need to wear your Skin Addiction group tag. Click the 2nd Button which is 50%OFF priced. If you don’t have the group tag you may purchase the skins in full-price, I won’t refund you the 50% ;p If you click the second discounted price and didn’t wear SA group tag the sim will eject you. Just kidding! Seriously, it won’t kick in the purchase process ;))

<3 Fighting!


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