Heather Skin Release (3rd Wave Series)

Heather (3rd Wave Series)

The Cosmetics Collection:
Heather Lip Cosmetics

Heather EyeShadows Smudge

Heather EyeShadows (Indecisive)

This skin is a follow-up release of Ashley from the 2nd Wave Series which was my Boho 2013 exclusive skin. This is to fortify my 3rd Series of Skin to more of Mirror’s Enigma style rather than some random sh!t.

Hmmn, while Mirror’s Enigma is slowly growing. I can visualized on my creations that its becoming more and more “in” to my own style and I am enjoying my latest releases – Stella, Ashley and Heather, compared to my previous releases, to be honest.

1st, the 3rd Wave Skin Series has been loved by its users and 2nd I found it unique to my eyes because I was in my 90% creative mood to make the said series back then, although 10% is still wanting me to play Skyrim but still I had combined my Skyrim addiction to my 3rd Wave Series ;p

I might say goodbye to my good ‘ol natural looking face. Bleh! ;p But I still love wearing my pesky, cutey and pretty shape. The last time I actually released a shape that looks like this (I2W) was back when I released Bea about a yr ago 0.o (if my memory is right). When I tried it on my usual shape (G2W), she is somewhat more mature than that of the picture… so feel free to match it on any shape you like best. Though, the shapes included on this skin packs and bundles are modifiable, tweak it how you wanted her. The other shape is a model-like one, but unlike the common models of SL, I don’t like a very thin model that would look like a standing stick on whatever pose they use (sorry no offense meant). I believe models should have a slim rockin’ body not a thin stick ones ;p hehe. There are also 2 kinds of eyebrow shape, a thinner and a thick one… modifiable for those who are first timers on eyebrow shapes that their eyebrows kinda look like they’ve seen a monster of some sort… so just play around with it.

Anyway, before I get myself some haters ;p You can grab a demo of this skin at my MainShop, I have included a cosmetics sample as well FOR FREE for fitting purposes only but it is usable if you like YELLOW. LoLz! ;p

Have fun everyone!


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