Lining up Croix on 2nd Wave Series

Croix HiLights

First of all, I really don’t mean to be cute and pretty in most of my skin releases, I just find it… well “nice?” until it became a trend… hmmn, it fits the usual ME shape. I never actually dress up cutey, infact, I hate it before when my clan members call me “Cute Goddess of the Realm” -.- I love short-hairdos and never left SL Home without those kinds of earrings, there was once long ago inSL, I only wear 1 dangling plain silver (flexi) in my right. I can still remember how I asked an accessory designer to do me an earring only for my right ear to wear and its just 1 prim plain flexi. I never accessorize much and I hate uber face piercing if its not Trisha (Hebenon Vial) who made it. I love rock, alternative and classical music and definitely has some weird taste when it comes to clothings. That’s the reason I don’t actually join events that are highly profiled for models. Can’t say its urban, can’t even say fashionista, not casual. Tsk! it’s just weird to describe it.

Now enough of myself and get on to ME. lolz!

Since the 2nd Wave Premade has been finished, it is time to experiment. You noticed that I included a no brow option on my 2WSS, that’s because I really wanted to wear these kind of eyebrows, however, since then I can’t find me a nice one, I guess the male population can only wear it due to availability on the current market. But I dunno, I haven’t stalked someone closely inSL. So I made it for Croix but is only available on Exotic Skintone. I might be doing this on Iona’s Shop Version and comment below if you want something like this made to Medow.

So, Croix has been lined up with 2WSS and is now out at the MainShop.

If you think it isn’t new, well, sorry I dunno where to find me for myself ;)) Still, I hope you’ll enjoy it new from ME.


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