Mirror’s Enigma + SLink Avatar Enhancement

Here are the previews of the new 2nd Wave Skin Series with its SLink Avatar Enhancements.

ME SLink Hand & Nail Polish Previews
ME SLink Feet & Nail Previews
They are taken with Windlight Settings with Shadows & Lightings, apart from the fact that obviously I edited it in Photoshop putting the text and the previews together, I didn’t retouch the overall skin on the poster. Just so you know that “What you see is what you get” policy of ME has been met.

These are sold seperately. The appliers are 99L$ for 1 week only sale promotion and will be 200L$ after the said date. The nail polishes however will not be on sale ;p (give me time to recover from that massive uploads I did rofl!)

Why 200L$? It’s just an applier!!! Oh common guys, the poor ME spent time and effort to give you better textures on them ;p Aside from the fact that I concentrated more details on eyes, lips, hands, butt details and never really bother on my feet until today ;p I hope you understand that the 2nd Wave Series aren’t your average skin (well could be higher or lower than your taste ;p) nor a new skin creator “Go Template DEFAULT SHOW/HIDE LAYER, DODGE/BURN SHARPENED ACTIVITY ONLY” skin. I hope that’s a valid excuse XD

ME is a year old, I don’t think I would consider myself new nyahaha! So I don’t have much excuse anymore for giving you redundant skin details. I continue to try my best =^.^= So, I will be making skin by series as I am planning to release my 2nd premade soon (I am just undecided what to call it hehe!). Ofcourse, it’s not perfect and that’s why I am pricing it a bit higher than usual ;p cuz when I update, that is FREE! and not a second look alike skin fix release.

Also, there is no demo on appliers nor on the nail polishes but can try out the DEMO of the skin at ME Store as it has same details as the appliers.

I have completely revamped the 2nd Wave Series releases because of this… namely: Victoria, Azuka and SuperbiaV3 (for now); and upcoming upgrades on Croix, Medow and Iona is now on my to-do lists.

Corrected seams on overall body.
Corrected arms lights and shadow details.
Improved skin pigments. (not overwhelming, just enough for my taste.)
Eliminated annoying dark shoulders (well its pretty annoying for me >.<)
Eliminated dark spot on lower legs. (sorry I overlooked it, must have been over brushed stroke while cleaning the seams.)
Proportioned breast details. (hopefully I got it right this time >.>)
Hands and Feet additional enhancements and cleaning bad pores. (tehee! I did a little surgical issues ;p)

With that said if you own one of the 2WSeries Skin, please check out the redelivery terminal at the MainShop.

For more info about SLink Avatar Enhancements. CLICK HERE!

Any question and support, contact ME via IM in-world.


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