Mirror’s Enigma :: Croix Natural Skin Collection

Croix Skin Collection

Croix Preview

This is a set of Natural Skin Collection.. when I started on skin business my first skin includes a Natural/No Make-up touches — Allurea to be specific way back 2010? Well she gave me good L$ for it ;p However, some customers complains about it not compatible with some skin maker’s make-up LoLZ! So, now that I did it again… I am putting it out together with its cosmetics collection which can be used with most of my skin lines and with others’ (I hope!)

I haven’t had a decent make-up releases on my MainShop for like 6 months now? I do release some but I always take it back due to some freak babe copybotting them and selling them in full perms >.> So usually, I only make new cosmetics limited to a certain time and limited to a few.

Lastly, the shape won’t be for sale until Azuka has been released.


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