Mirror’s Enigma :: Superbia V2

I am bringing back one of ME’s Master Skin to SL. A more personal skin I used for myself last year, 2012 and; was redone/improved for public full release this year. Comparison between the Vanity Fair 2012 release and this however are more on body features and few tweaks on facial details. I had only released a very pale skin of Superbia back then and only few have this copy due to its unannounced existence because I thought it wasn’t ready yet — like I said it’s personal and is a Master Skin ;p

WTH is a Master Skin? For those who might want to ask, for me a Master Skin is the base of most of my skins being tweaked to create more variations. I personally use it as my base testing ground… adding shades, facial details, body seaminglessness, nerves and pores (that aren’t exaggerated for my own personal taste). I have worked on it for a duration of months while making other skins. This is most of my skin designing goes first before I remake them out for Vanity, SocordiaV2, Allurea, Sophia, Nixie and Eliza.

And since my Master Skin has been done you can now expect a more toning consistency on my skin releases. Iona being one of the first of Mirror’s Enigma 2nd Wave Skins which aims for more consistent toning and base texture. I know how boring that is, I don’t even want my skin to have the same skin base style. But who knows, this is yet ME’s first year so there are a lot more time for me to adjust and a lot more to learn, besides it’s not as flawless as it should be yet. ;))

Here are the previews of ME’s 2nd Wave Master Skin (2W):

SuperbiaV2 Previews Tan

SuperbiaV2 Previews Peach

SuperbiaV2 Previews Pale

PS: Please bare with me, I am not use to cleaning up previews, I’m too lazy to retouch it. I have already spent months making it, editing them are the last thing I want to do XD As long as it doesn’t suck I think that’s good enough for me =^.^=


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