Mirror’s Enigma Eliza Skin Line

Fantasy inspired skin line…. Eliza (Elissa of Dragon Age: Origins) and from my very own character in Skyrim | Elder Scrolls V. The Dusk Blue tone was a request anyway, I thought I wouldn’t wanna do another fantasy skin line but here I am again. I saw the Guardian “Lady of the Forest” while doing a DAO main quest “Nature of the Beast”, I thought I would do a dusky green tone as one of its color but heck she looks like skunk at first glance so I scrap it for now.. maybe I could do try again some other time ;p and since I’ve been itching to release this line since 1st week of January ;p Sooo.. here she is…






Anyhow, visit the HQ/MainShop for demos ;))

PS: To my drow family, sorry no white brows for you this time ;p lolz!


One thought on “Mirror’s Enigma Eliza Skin Line

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