Mirror’s Enigma 2012 Exclusive Revived

Mirror's Enigma 2012 EXCLUSIVES
Because most people have requested this and that skin and because some are IMing asking when would this and that would be available again. Wishes granted for XMAS! All previous event exclusives are now available at the HQ (same price as on the event) from December 20th until January 10th 2012 ONLY. After the said date, NO MORE =^.^=

I am truly thankful for those who have purchased it during the event, but with much request every time an event ended and some customers failed to buy it… this will be the last chance you can buy it with same price as the event. Sorry no discounts ;p

Here are the lists of Exclusives you can buy:

  • ALL Structure Your Skin Project Exclusive packed skins which was available for a month during SYS-Project Editions this year starting March 2012; now except December Exclusive Leigh as it is still available at SYSP.
  • All the magnificent RP SKIN KALDREIA from the FANTASY FAIRE 2012 last March 2012.
  •  The Color Blocking Outfit which was available during the Color Blocking Fair 2012.
  • Sofia, my Vampire Guardian which was available last November 2012 during the Midnight Nightmare Market Event.
  • The vintage pale Superbia which was available during the Vanity Fair 2012 (gah this is my personal skin, I really don’t like to sell it anymore, but ok… >.<;) I am limiting its sales to only 10 sales per bundle ;p Just so I don’t want to look like everyone on the grid… like how I see most people do. >>> Superbia’s Cosmetics Collection is limited to only 30 units.
  • Elizabeth my “cheapy – 65L$” darling also from the Vanity Fair 2012, for this event I will be limiting its sales to only 50 sales each.
  • My ever pretty Lavenia from the Pink Ribbon Fair 2012.
  • Winter Fair 2012 Bundle with outfit were officially an item for Winter Fair 2012 event was already finished last December 15th, as far as I know… but the items on that sim aren’t returned yet.. so I don’t know.
  • Singer Icon Fair 2012 Skins which was just recently ended.

Now, if for some reason you still can’t find the skin or whatever you’re looking for at the shop, IM me to ask me where the hell in my inventory is this and that skin/outfit that was available on a certain event and I will try to find it for you, then will put it out on the that location. =^.^= Some outfits are already rezzed at the HQ, just go at the Apparel Section and you’ll see most of my apparel releases are already there, except the ones on the FROST sim event.

All items are entitled you to join Mirror’s Enigma Newsgroup (even Elizabeth the cheapy ;p)… that means after purchasing any of those exclusive items you will be invited by my poorly slow bot (sorry for that but be patient with her ;D)… you will then be an officially member of the newsgroup and can take advantage on ME’s Annual Gift Event. Mirror’s Enigma Gift Event will give you access to all the gifts I have given away from January 1st 2012 to date which will be activated on the 22nd of December 2012, except the ones I gave last March which I feel ashamed of lolz!

PS: NO DEMOS ON THESE ITEMS, THESE ARE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE REQUESTED THE ITEMS ONLY, IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHAT YOU ARE BUYING… THEN DO NOT BUY IT =^.^= THAT’S PRETTY STRAIGHT-FORWARD ISN’T IT? That’s cause, I am not making it available for extra sales, it is there for me to grant the wishes of my members this Christmas who have asked me for the item but I refused to answer with YES… until today ;))

So.. enjoy! Love yah all!


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