Mirror’s Enigma at Singer Icon Fair

Oh right, my inspiration is Jennifer Lopez… although, I don’t really want to make it to look like her >.< Sorry, it is against copyright as well as against my will to copy an exact same face of an artist and/or anybody elses face >.>. At some point while making her, I made a shape that would actually look like her on some view points — I scratched it after I have finished the final touches to the skin.

So here she is?

I used F2W Base Shape for it, modified it to make it more ME-ish XD So the Jen’s Shape is modifiable on these initial releases… for the fair only.

Aside from that, I’ve been drawn closer to making more apparels lately and made a HUD-texturable outfit as well as matching shoe collection.

Both are meshes, the Blouson Dress which is rigged available in 4 textures each, while the boots/shoes are non-rigged but has a resizer script for you to fit.

Also, I have put the Demi’s Trench Coat on this fair ;))

And for a little generosity, for those who have missed my Cosmetics Samples, they’re available at Mirror’s Enigma fair booth for 10L$ with a new bodysuit gift. Here’s the photo where it is located.

LoLx! Enjoy!



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