Mirror’s Enigma November 2012 Group Gift

I know that I was a little too late sending out my group gift for this month. I was terribly busy fixing the new HeadQuarters, as I moved to 1/4 sim due to prim count (Ima prim whore!) The group gift was expected by my members during the 5th of each month and moved until today. Mainly, I have made several make-up styles for Brasilia – the group gift. So, instead of giving away only 1 skin style, I am giving out 3 skin styles with a total of 8 variations.

Brasilia November Group Gift

To claim the gift, you need to be an existing customer / part of my group. You also need 25L$ to claim it which will automatically refunded to you 100%. It is located at the “Group Room”, most of the members know where it is now since the room is almost on the same location as the one at Illustrique.

2 Hidden Skins for non-members and members:
There are also 2 hidden skin somewhere at the new HQ which are limited to only 25pax. That means rush! rush! rush! You don’t need a group to claim it but needs a 25L$ to purchase it and a wicked eyesight to find it. Both of them are Brasilia as well but only skin with 4 variations each.

Hints: Fireplace & Hat

Also, these hidden skins aren’t a group entry skin, it will not invite you to my group. You will still need to purchase something in order to get the invite to the group.

Have fun!


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