Mirror’s Enigma at The Boho Culture Fair

I think I went on a little late with my sponsorship confirmation for the event. I liked it that way TBCF > ME Booth Preview
Preview of the entrance to my booth XD Sorry I was soooo laggy when I shoot this one. -.-

TBCF > Mirror's Enigma Excl. Release Outfit
Just a different way how boho fashion can be dirty but stylish. I enjoyed making them, since I know most will showcase a more bohemian look, I chose between cowgirl or bohemian luxe styles.. in the end I decided to go with bohemian-cowgirl style. I just wish I can find that white a breedable horse I had before to make my poster.. I couldn’t find it anywhere ;((

The Bohemian Cowgirl Style Outfit is mesh partnered with a ripped style denim jeans which is optional. The cowgirl boots are also mesh and are re-sizable. It is not rigged.

The Skin

She’s Sally, named after my mom that doesn’t look like my mom. She’s my inspiration for this skin — a young “ASIAN” country girl that doesn’t have chinky eyes ;)) Who said all Asians has those chinky eyes?
TBCF > Mirror's Enigma Excl. Skins
Also, for the first time in Mirror’s Enigma history, I am selling a single skin packs of these skins ;))
How about the group? Do we get invites to your group? Yeah, it is included on the package ;))

The Gift

Mirror's Enigma at The Boho Culture Fair 1LGiveaway
To be honest, this is my first sponsorship event that I actually applied for, some are just I wanted to fill that up feeling. I was put on a waiting list for a long time. All awhile I still got it and I am pretty excited for it because I already prepared a lot for it. Although, I didn’t notice these items on the group notice for bloggers, I dispatched it individually, so for those bloggers who didn’t get it, you can IM me, scold me, yell at me anytime you wanted to blog it… only if you wanted to blog it.

I reserved this gift to be on the giveaway (freebie) tent. All the tents are already full when I finished my set-up, so I thought of putting it up as my 1L$ giveaway — pretty much a souvenier.

These lips are made for Sally, can be worn with Demi, Ira, Vanity and Sophia skins that I made. It comes with different shades of Nude and Red to fit in any skintones you wear. It is clean, non-obtrusive unless you wear a very lippy skin but unlike any other I made it with details even if it’s just 1L$, I want it to not look cheapy at all. Does it look cheapy? I hope not XD It does look like every lips on the market to-date though. Don’t you think? So whether it is special for you or not, you can grab them for 1L$ at the fair!

Have fun at the fair!

<3 Ydreece
Mirror's Enigma

PS: Thank you Hinako for that great hair, I really loved it <3


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