Vanity Skins Previews

Release Date: August 10, 2012.
Vanity Previews 01
I so missed making Drow and Dark Elven tones and because my drow family back at Cov are asking me about something new… so yeah I did it again! Look how yummy she is… *rawr*

In addition, I’ve made 4 other tones, and; that makes a total of 6 skintones.
Vanity Previews 02

Vanity Previews 03

Vanity is one my skin releases at SYS-Project August Edition together with Rachel at only 99L$.

The SYS-Project Edition is so far different from the Full Edition especially on details – which is actually intentional ;))

It was supposedly be the Exclusive Skin I will showcase for Vanity Fair 2012, however, due to my addiction to Aion Online and SimCity Society Destinations lolz! I ran out of time to finish it ;p

Oh well, she is my last masterpiece for my 7 Deadly Skin Series.


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