Morphine :: With Love Fair

With Love Fair

Teleport to With Love Fair

Heather's Ensemble

Also, you can find Heather and Kazumi at the event at a discounted rate for those who celebrate the Heart’s Day in a more romantic and sensitive way.

Want to gift to your friends, girl friends, SL Sissys, SL Mother/s or (insert relationship here)?
Right click the vendor > Touch > Gift.
Enter the name of the receiver.
Press Send.

Happy Heart’s Day everyone!

Final Fantasy Festival Opens Today!

The first skin release under The 4th Wave Skin Series :: For Him named Seph can now be purchased at the Lifestream sim for the Final Fantasy Festival that just started today Feb. 7th, 2014.


Final Fantasy Lifestream

Specific Character Skin Contents:
— 1 Specific Pale Skin Style.
— No Mod Shape.
— Bald Base/Eyebrow Shape.
— Eyes.

Style Pack Skin Contents (also available in Tan):
— 4 Skin with eyebrow variations (black, brown, white, dark blonde)
— No Mod Shape.
— Bald Base/Eyebrow Shape.
— Eyes.

For those who are asking us about the hairstyles:
Genesis : Truth Hair (Maddy) – not sure if this is still in shop.
Sephiroth: Catwa (John)
Cloud and Vincent: Ayashi (Cloud and Vincent)

Special Note about SLink Appliers for Men:
Yes! They will have SLink Appliers. All appliers will be send out as an update for those who have purchased the skin on the event only. SLink Appliers will be on a separate/optional purchase when it is released at the MainShop.

Another extra note regarding the Shape?
The modifiable A4S Male Shape (default) will be released only when purchasing a bundle, you can mess up with it anyway you wanted but full edition bundles will only be released after the event. Default shape is the one on the Sephiroth.

Can I buy the mod shape separately?

For more in-depth information you may visit SL Fashion by Shaz.

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy is a copyright of Square Enix and all items worn on the picture belongs to their respective owners/creators. The skin was created with Final Fantasy Roleplay/Cosplay in mind as its major inspiration for Lifestream sim RPers. No infringement is intended.